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General caregiving resources


Provides emotional support and information about transplant for patients, caregivers and loved ones.

The Wellness Community

The Cancer Support Community provides support, education and hope for people with cancer.


Offers counseling, support groups, financial resources and more to people with cancer.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Provides information, support and financial assistance to people with blood cancers.

Family Caregiver Alliance

Provides information, support and advocacy for family caregivers. It lists family caregiver resources by state.

Caregiver Action Network

Provides education, peer support and resources to a wide spectrum of family caregivers.

Strength for Caring

Provides caregivers with a broad range of expert content and information, an online community, daily inspirations and much needed support.

American Cancer Society

Learn about what to expect as a caregiver for a cancer patient, as well as suggestions on taking good care of yourself.

National Cancer Institute

Your resource for free caregiving publications.

Coping with emotions

Strength for Caring

Provides caregivers with a broad range of expert content and information, an online community, daily inspirations and much needed support.

Mayo Clinic Stress Management Guide

Empowers people to manage their health by providing a unique collection of articles with useful, up-to-date information about strategies for coping with stress.

Offers tips to help avoid caregiver burnout.

Communicating effectively

American Cancer Society

Provides information to help you communicate with the patient and medical team.


Provides tip sheets on effective patient-doctor communications.

Getting social support

Lotsa Helping Hands

Provides an easy-to-use, private group calendar specifically designed for organizing helpers. Everyone can pitch in with meal delivery, rides and other tasks to help life run smoothly during times of medical crisis.

Caring Bridge

An online space where you can connect, share and receive support. It’s a personalized “caring” social network.


A unique collection of online cancer communities designed to provide timely and accurate information in a supportive environment through non-moderated discussion boards.

The Wellness Community

Offers a menu of personalized services and education for anyone affected by cancer. These support services are available through a network of professionally-led community-based centers, hospitals, community oncology practices as well as online.


Offers support groups and counseling for people affected by cancer.

Staying healthy

Food Fit

Provides recipes for healthy eating.

Smoke Free

A free stop smoking program with easy-to-use tools to help people quit for the long-term.

Relax and recharge

Mayo Clinic Guided Relaxation

This 8-minute video features piano music, a candle flame to focus on, and a soft female voice guiding you through breathing techniques.

Search “guided imagery” or “guided meditation” to find various short video clips to help you relax, recharge and get rest.

Finding peace and positives

Be The Match®Peer Connect program 

Puts you in touch with one of our trained volunteers who are transplant recipients and caregivers. These volunteers can answer your questions and share their own transplant experiences. Volunteers are available by phone or email.


Offers support groups for those affected by cancer.

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